Murnong Farming has a long history of collaboration with the farming industry with numerous trials been undertaken with universities and industry-funded bodies. Up to 3-4 different externally monitored trials take place each year by renowned organisations such as Melbourne University, RMIT, the Department of Primary Industry cropping and sheep departments, Southern Farming Systems and Precision Agriculture.

Murnong Farming prides itself on innovation and data collection. These include germination trials to determine the optimum speed for the air seeder to operate during sowing with varying soil types and varying moisture contents. Some of these results are quite surprising, and led to a substantial reduction in seed requirements.

By running side-by-side trials in our feedlot we were able to determine the growth rate of different sired lambs. This trial partly helped decided on proceeding with the Primera and Highlander genetics from New Zealand being used in our prime lamb operation.


The picture below is a drink station scanner in use at Murnong farming. Lambs are  weighed at lamb marking , and will be weighed again at weaning.This records what lambs follow what ewes to the drinking station over a period then allows us to match them up with their mothers. Allowing us to determine the kilos weaned for each ewe  as well as identifying which lambs belong to which ewes. (still not 100% accurate here but not far off) These are the ewes that lambed out of season on the 1st week of Feb and we are looking at their feed and growth rates over the summer lambing whilst run on dry pasture Scanned 140% lambed just under 120% Primera sires over 1st cross ewes.


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