Ram Sale Day Questions & Answers

How did you determine the carcass yield of 49% average and what sheep were they?

What were the sheep types and how did you measure their growth rates?

What were the sheep and how did you measure lambing rates and how did they compare with the scanning rate?

How long did you have the rams in with the ewes?

What is your pre joining regime?

Did the lambs when weaned lose any condition?

Most of your trials appear to be with Australian composite ewes with Primera sires. What are your expectations with the Highlander influence?

What is the performance indicator you use with your lamb system?

You appear to have achieved an outstanding result as far as survivability from birth to sale. How have you achieved this and how much is this to do with the genetics?

Using the international index which is more profit based how does this compare with the Australian Lambplan index and what do you see as the difference?

How have you found the handling of the New Zealand genetic based sheep compared with a 1st cross lamb?

How important is the nutrition in your sheep breeding system?

What is the importance of and benefits you gain from scanning?

Do you separate the ewes into lambing percentages i.e. twins, triplets. What benefits do you gain by doing this?

As you are lambing down ewes using your Murnong breeding system all year round I believe you are achieving over 120% lambing over summer lambing, what gains do you achieve from this system?

How have you achieved such a high percentage of lambing success with hogget ewes?

How have you have been able to increase your stocking rate with the Primera and Highlander based genetics? You mentioned a year on year increase in kilos per hectare of 18% for the past three years. How much of this do you put down to the Primera and Highlander genetics?

How have you managed the commercial flock of ewes at Murnong? What is their genetic base and how have the New Zealand genetics influenced this?

If a farmer was running 1000 first cross ewes with Dorset based sires and wanted to increase his profit, based on your experiences at Murnong Farming how can he achieve this?

The rams are expensive compared with standard Suffolk or Dorset. How do you justify the cost?

What is the difference between an Elite Ram and a Multiplier Ram?

How did you discover the New Zealand genetics and what drove you to this?

What and who are Focus Genetics and where did they get there genetics from?

You mentioned you are participating in a hogget ewe lambing trial with the DEPI. What are you expectations and how is the trial being conducted?


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