Primera hogget ram at 150 days old and ready to start workPrimera hogget ram at 150 days old and ready to start work

Primera® is a terminal composite sheep designed by Rissington to provide high performance finishing lambs which excel in meat characteristics. The focus of the Primera is to utilize the best available terminal sires of quality terminal breeds in one package. Through large scale progeny testing of elite sires the Primera has the science behind it to deliver for commercial Australian farmers.
Primera hogget rams at 150 days old selected for joining tomorrowPrimera hogget rams @ 150 days old selected for joining tomorrow

Focal Points

  • Rapid growth/early maturity
  • Popular for hogget mating
  • High yielding
  • World’s largest Progeny Test to identify the best sires
  • Proven meat quality
Highlander 2th ram straight of shears ready for its trip to Tassie tomorrowHighlander 2th ram straight of shears ready for its trip to Tassie tomorrow

Creating the Terminal Breed

Primera® Composite meat breed

  • Annually introduce by AI, top selected terminal genetics from NZ and Australia
  • Utilse DNA to assign sire and dam

Top 10% (140) rams selected for:

  • On Farm growth performance recorded
  • Ultrasound and CT muscle scans

Progeny test:

  • 120 rams mate 2000 ewes, to kill 15 lambs per ewe
  • Lambs dissected to determine highest retail value
  • Top 2% of nucleus rams selected based on combined data
Primera Breeding Program & Progeny Test

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Primera ‘Terminal’ selection index

Reproduction SURVIVAL

Meat and Wool

The selection index and progeny test drive the Primera breed genetic gain

  • To get through to index selection ram progeny needs to have grown and finished rapidly to make the progeny test cut
  • -FAT weighting penalises unacceptable fat levels. It does not penalise internal fat levels required for carcass finish or market acceptance

Primera for Terminal lamb production

  • Terminal option for birth ease and survival in all breeds
  • Mate to Highlander or other free lambing ewe lambs
  • to finish off grass or poorer grazing conditions
  • for quick finishing in dry conditions or early season pricing
  • increased hybrid vigour and carcass yield over maternal ewes
  • For end markets that value retail meat value and quality
  • In sheep systems that focus on kgs of lamb output per acre
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