Highlander® is a maternal composite sheep developed by Rissington. The systems and science behind it provide the foundation for its performance across commercial farms in NZ.
The focus of the Highlander is to consistently deliver improved kilograms of lamb weaned. This is achieved through higher performance as a ewe hogget & then maintaining a higher level of production from a 2th onwards.

Focal Points
  • More kilograms weaned
  • High survival
  • FE tolerance
  • Consistent wool
  • Male lambs achieve optimal CW faster

Application of Highlander in Australia

Highlander ewe flock

Mate to current Composite or 1stX flock to create a self replacing Highlander flock. Increase lambing ease and production efficiency -kgs/ha

Targets Mating Scan % Wean %
Ewe Lamb 45kgs 130% 100%
2th ewe 60kgs 180% 160%
MA we 68kgs 205% 170%
Mate to Merino ewes
  • Easy lambed, good survival
  • improve growth rates & carcass
  • Maternal injection to create hardy / prolific 1stX ewe for harder conditions
Targets Mating Scan % Lamb %
Merino ewe 60kgs 130% 100%
Highlander x Merino ewe
  • Increase lambing ease, survival and weaned output (head and kgs)
  • Lamb diversification option for fine wool producers mated to Primera Terminal
  • Finer 1stX type fleece with clear points and good crimp / bulk
  • Or mate back to Merino to increase maternal performance in fine wool flock
Targets Mating Scan % Lamb %
HL x Merino 63kgs 165% 140%

Highlander ewe hoggets at Murnong Farms, Victoria

  • Created from embryos from the NZ nucleus flock (Top 20% ewes, Top 5% rams)
  • Mated ave 45 kgs, 84% in lamb scanned 130% lambing August 14
  • Mated to imported NZ rams for ram production and pedigree ewe production
  • Selected 2th ewes based on pedigree and performance data will form the foundation flock with full DNA pedigree
  • This flock will be jointly recorded on Australia Lamplan and NZ SIL databases to give farmers EBV’s with linkages to the NZ recording system
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