Our Crop

Utilizing advances in cropping systems, farming technology and machinery Murnong’s cropping enterprise is focused on optimising grain production to substantially increase crop yields and reduce costs. Satellite GPS guidance combined with no till technology reduces the carbon foot print and increases efficiency, along with the use of auto steer tractors, controlled traffic, infrared imaging for variable rate fertilizer and seed distribution.


With an average rain fall of 580mm and a range of varying soil types the need for weed, water and farm drainage management is critical. The controlled traffic, no till and inter row cropping with the correct crop rotations addresses a number of issues and builds a sustainable soil structure and profile.

Murnong regularly grows both red and white wheats, barley, oats, canola, lupine and faba beans. Murnong markets its grain both privately and through local grain marketers. Recently Murnong’s red wheat was all exported directly to China.

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