Our Produce

Murnong Farming proudly produces a range of high quality produce farmed with innovative technology whilst ensuring the stock is raised and produced in a natural and compassionate stress free environment.

Our Sheep

Murnong identified the growing need to meet market and farmer purpose focused lamb production. In this search Murnong travelled to New Zealand to explore genetic blood lines built up over 20 years of selective measurements and breeding. Since this first visit in 2010 Murnong has become Focus Genetics New Zealand’s leading genetic breeding facility in Australia for its Highlander (maternal) and Primera (terminal) prime lamb genetics. With over 2400 live embryos implanted over the past two years this progeny has formed the base of the Murnong genetic breeding facility.


Our Crop

Utilizing advances in cropping systems, farming technology and machinery Murnong’s cropping enterprise is focused on optimising grain production to substantially increase crop yields and reduce costs. Satellite GPS guidance combined with no till technology reduces the carbon foot print and increases efficiency, along with the use of auto steer tractors, controlled traffic, infrared imaging for variable rate fertilizer and seed distribution

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